things to do in Houston

Go Here. Do That. Houston -New Pocket Guide Shares Insiders’ City Favorites, Beautifully Hand Illustrated

Hello all, I hope you are having a good start to 2017.

Several months ago I partnered again with the super talented Katie O'Malley to design a gift tailored to our Houston Visitors and Out of Town Guests.  Go Here That Houston is now  launched. Thank you very much to everyone who helped out. It has truly been an enriching experience.

Go Here. Do that is pocket size to enjoy what Houston has to offer while "on the go", but it is also customizable for any events, weddings and conferences. Made for family and friends looking for things to do in Houston. From our local point of view, It covers everything from sporting locations to some of the very best eateries and shopping venues. Find out more and order @

Both myself and Katie are passionate about Houston, and we are really enthusiastic about spreading both our insider knowledge and love for Houston. The guidebook is friendly and easy to navigate, and the tips and facts come from real Houston residents who know their stuff. Go Here Do That Houston is guaranteed to show our visitors and others a good time and why Houston has grown on us!

Buy your copy today for only $5.00! Visit and share your HTX love with us through Instagram and our photo contest #goherehouston . You can win a RPS collapsible reflector and more....