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5 Ideas for Bridesmaids Gifts

A wedding is an occasion not only to receive but also to give presents. A bridesmaid gift is a way to thank your girlfriends for their help in the wedding preparation. After all, they followed all your strict instructions, chose the right shade for the wedding dresses, planned the bachelorette party for you, and provided invaluable moral support throughout the months of preparations. A memorable present will show how much you appreciate their help. Here are 5 ideas for stylish and fun bridesmaid gifts.

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Personalized Item

Perhaps the most thoughtful and practical gift is a personalized item. This could be a T-shirt, robe, or satin pajamas with the name of your bridesmaids. There are several reasons why personalized gifts are so cool. Firstly, such style of clothing can be worn at a bachelorette party or photo shoot. Secondly, it will become a great reminder of this important day in your life. Finally, a personalized item will always be used. Indeed, you can hardly wear a T-shirt saying "Bridesmaid" in everyday life, but it’s another thing if it carries your name on it.



All women have a fondness for nice jewelry. You can purchase or craft stylish necklaces with similar pendants or matching half heart pendant sets. Brooches made of beads, pearls, and ribbonswill become an excellent embellishment for the festive bridesmaid outfits. You can easily find various DIY brooch tutorials on the Internet. Not only will you enjoy the creative process, but also the squeals of delight when your girl friends get such a unique present made by your own hands.

While writing this post, I came across a lovely product from Three’s company a personliaze pearl of heart necklace. It is such good idea. I have already received mine you can click here for my full length product review.



Let's be honest - women just can’t get enough of cosmetics. Even if you do not particularly know the preferences of your girlfriends, there are always win-win options. For example, special spa sets of luxury brands or some organic cosmetics packed in a nice cosmetic bag or gift box. You can also give everyone the same light perfume, for example, Flora by Gucci or Daisy by Marc Jacobs. I also love products from L’Occitane or the Body shop because they often come with a case and small versions of popular creams and for a bonus they are eco conscious products. Another great option is a beauty box with miniatures of various beauty-novelties and best-selling products by popular cosmetic brands. 



Handbag or Clutch

An indispensable attribute of a modern girl’s image is a small cute handbag or clutch. You can find models at very affordable prices, and some online stores will even give you a decent discount if you buy in bulk. You can pick a clutch to match the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses. All in all, it will be a nice and useful gift. To make it even more personal, you can put a thank-you card or a small compliment into each handbag.

 I am guilty of loving bags in general, check out these personalized totes from the Three Two 1 Shop via Etsy . When I found them I decided to order them for an event this spring.( see full review of the product here)


Want to have fond memories of your bachelorette party? Then why don’t you organize a joint photoshoot with all your bridesmaids? You can carry out such a photo session a little bit earlier than your bachelorette party. You will need a photo studio, a professional photographer, and a make-up artist. The good thing about such photoshoots is that you are able to be as creative as you wish. For example, you can dress up in evening gowns or, on the contrary, put on your pajamas.


Of course, the choice of a gift is up to the bride. However, you should remember that the best present is one that comes from the heart. Try to recall what your friends like to do in their free time, what hobbies they have, and what they are interested in. You can make each of them an individual gift based on their personal interests. These can be tickets to a concert or a theater, a subscription to their favorite magazine, an interesting book, a dance class subscription, a spa certificate or even a bottle of fine wine.

I absolutely love find gifts to match an event theme or purpose. Contact me if you need any help!


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