5 unexpected wedding favors ideas that your guests will love

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When it comes to weddings, one thing that you will quickly realize is that it is nothing without guests. This means that you need to make sure that your guests have the best time possible. Pick the right food, the right lighting, the right décor, the right entertainment and then also think about the wedding favors too.

To me, favors are a symbolic way to let your guests know that their friendship, love and support are much appreciated; especially if they have traveled from afar to attend the wedding.

5 unexpected wedding favors that your guests will love

Wedding favors are gifts that you give to your guests. They are often a thank you to coming and are left on the table as a surprise. The only trouble is that wedding favors can be hard to decide on, you are going to want to make sure that they are affordable as well as being unique.  After all, you are going to want to make a good impression on your special guests.

I have always enjoyed finding gifts for my guests. Over the years, I have developed plenty of knowledge when it comes to wedding favors. So, to help you, I have put together my list of 5 wedding favors that I think that your guests will love.

Adult coloring books


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When you are thinking about guests you often think of ways to keep the littlest ones entertained. However, you should also think about the grown ups too, after all, it can be a long day. A fantastic idea for a wedding favor is adult coloring books and some pencils. They are unique, fun and entertaining.

A sweet treat

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One of the most popular wedding favors that you can choose has to be sweets. Sweets come in a variety of forms and they are seen in weddings around the world. Some may opt for something retro, some may go for their guests favorites and some may want to personalize them as they have something to remember the day by. No matter what you choose, you are sure to put a smile on your guests faces.

A small Beverage

                                                                                                       Photo by Angela Lauren Co for Souris Rose

                                                                                                      Photo by Angela Lauren Co for Souris Rose

Weddings are a time for people to let their hair down and have some fun. Which means that a great wedding favor has to be a miniature bottle of spirits. These are not only easy to do, but they are likely to be welcomed with a big smile and a few happy, if not a little tipsy, guests.

Mini condiments

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Who doesn’t love the idea of having a little mini bottle of ketchup in their cupboard? Why not embrace this with your wedding favors, by offering this to your guests. They are not only great fun, but they are useful too and are likely to be a welcome treat. If you like to create yourself a good derivative of this idea would homemade jams or homemade infused oils.

Temporary tattoos

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Now, you may think that this may only relate to the kids, but adults love a spot of temporary tattoos too. Why not opt for these for your guests? You don’t have to go tacky, in fact there are some really impressive fake tattoos out there. In no time at all, you are likely to see a variety of your friends and family with a rather impressive array of new, albeit fake, ink!

You can also find great favors and gifts while exploring your in local stores. In Houston, we have some very special places such as ManReady Mercantile, Jubilee and Space Montrose to name a few. I do think guests will enjoy something unique and local to the city they are visiting.

As you can see, wedding favors come in all shapes and sizes and are the ideal way to say thank you to your guests and make sure that they know that you appreciate them making the effort to come to your wedding day!

Written by Olivia Djibo