Understanding The Difference Between Event Designers And Event Planners

Understanding The Difference Between Event Designers And Event Planners
When it comes to staging events, there are two separate professions that are often incorrectly believed to be one and the same thing – event planners and event designers. Although they may sound similar, as you will see from the following article, they have very different skill sets and roles when it comes to ensuring an event runs smoothly.

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Understanding Exactly What An Event Planner And Event Designer Are

What is an Event Planner?

Event planners are ruled by logistics. They often have a full roster of vendors they can recommend off the top of their head, whether you are looking for a photographer, the best band available or a imaginative lighting crew, for example. Regardless of your contract length, whether its a wedding or some other important event, your planner will be on hand to help.
It is your event planner that will write up a time-line, act as a medium or liaison between you and the vendors at your event and will do all they can to ensure your special day runs smoothly. Therefore, it is easy to see just how important a planner is to your event.

What is an Event Designer?

As you could probably guess by the title, event designers enjoy all things related to decor and design. Many individuals enjoy and love this line of work so much just because they have license to be incredibly creative. While others move into event design because they already are interior designers, set designers or florists and have skills that can be easily transferred into this field.
While these two professionals would seem to have a lot in common, there are two crucial points to remember about event planners:
They are able to completely transform a space where an event will be taking place
They're not, in most instances, event planners
However, that is not to say they don't exist. There are numerous individuals who work as both event designers and planners. The obvious bonus of this is that you are able to hire an individual with professional experience and know how to style and design your event, while providing you with a list of vendors to consider and who knows your event inside out.
Even if an individual is working as both, they are probably more a planner first and therefore focus more on the experience of their clients. These professionals will also normally have access to a full team to help them bring your event to life.
Now we will discuss in a bit more detail the similarities and differences between the two.

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• Designers and planners both want to ensure you love and are fully satisfied with every aspect of your event and will do whatever it takes to make sure of this.
• Planners and designers are fully dedicated to creating an event that meets your brief and is as unique and engaging as possible.
• Both will have many vendors they can recommend to you with relatively short notice.
• Both of these individuals, if you hire both, will attend your event and be available for help and advice throughout the course of big event day.


Event Planners
• Event planners are professionals who are more focused on the logistics of your event.
• Event planners know everything about your event, from the beginning to show time. However, they are not normally involved in designing the visual displays for your event.
• Your event planner will run through a rehearsal of your event and they will be around from the very start to the very end.
• You have a choice of how long you want to be working with an event planner on your event, be it for the whole thing or just a month before.

Event Designers
• Event designers are more focused on the creation of stunning and memorable visual displays for your event.
• It is quite possible that your event designer will only know and have had interaction with you, colleagues and whoever else may have helped with your decisions about the design of your event.
• Event designers are professionals that will arrange everything from the best linens and table decorations, if necessary, to backdrops, decor and color schemes. This may involve creating some of the aspects of the design by hand. From top to bottom, your event designer will help create a cohesive theme for your entire event.
• The main point of hiring an event designer is for them to transform the space you will be hosting your event. Although some designers may write up contracts that allows them further access to your event to work alongside your photographer to style the resulting snaps so that they match the overarching theme and mix well with their design plans; the majority of event designers leave after work has been completed in setting up your event and will only return at the end of the night or the day after to collect their materials. Important to note in this regard, an event designer is not an event planner.
• As your event designer will be establishing a branding and overall theme for your event, there won't and shouldn't be the option to simply work with them in a month or similarly short amount of time before your event. You should ideally work with an event planner at least a full year in advance of when it is set to be held, or six months at the very least.

Why You Need To Hire An Event Designer

Now you understand the distinct differences between event planners and event designers, we are sure you also understand why it may be important to hire both for the planning of your event. That way you will benefit from both pools of experience and skills to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch and is everything you hoped it would be and more.

Souris Rose is run by me Olivia Djibo an event designer who has a passion for creating events that represent your unique aesthetic. I enjoy working with clients that are not afraid to be a little different and who trust in her knowledge and expertise.