L'histoire de la “Souris Rose”

Hello, I am Olivia, the mouse with the glasses behind Souris Rose. I am Ivorian and French, I grew up in Ivory Coast where every small gathering turned into an unforgettable event. Because of my incredible family and joyful upbringing, entertaining and focusing on the guest experience is instilled in me! I understood back then that when your guests are impressed they will ask to be invited over and over!

It all started in 2012, when Olivier and I continued the second part of our wedding celebrations in Stellenbosch near Cape Town South Africa. Planning every single detail of a week-long wedding from Houston, allowed me to start appreciating event design a lot more. A couple years later, when I was asked to help put on several events for +500 attendees as a special project for my engineering career, I decided to turn my passion for events and design into what is now Souris Rose and help couples or event hosts create the most beautiful events.

Souris Rose means “Pink Mouse” in French born out of the simple desire to be the hardworking mouse behind the scenes who creates all the magic for our guests.

I moved to Houston from Indonesia where weddings can easily have 2000+ attendees. I have traveled extensively and lived in several countries. I draw my inspiration from all the beauty I have seen in my travels. Since 2011, I have been a docent (tour guide) for our Houston Museum of Fine Arts and it has opened my eyes to details in Art I could never see before.

Our mission is to create a Detailed, Intentional, Thoughtful design, while making your guests the focus of the entire experience.

Our role as your Event Designer and Decorator

We have told you enough about the personal story, so what does it look like to work with us concretely?

We work with planners and organizers, our focus will be more on the creative side of an event: the colors and wedding and event venue decorations, and how the theme is carried over into food, music, and lighting. We make sure to incorporate the 5 senses into every design and decor scheme that we develop.

What are your guests going to see? What draws their attention? What does your event smell like?

As event designer we take pride creating a theme, tone, look, mood, and atmosphere of an event. For instance a wedding or convention would not be complete with any decorations, food, or entertainment. All these elements have to coordinate with each other and with the overall goal of the event, and it is the work of the event designer to create it and collaborate with the rest of the event team to bring it to life.

  • Researching and honing on a brand for the particular event

  • Developing ideas for the design

  • Developing the image and atmosphere for the event

  • Selecting specific elements to match the desired image, including color, food, decorations, linen, entertainment, and more

  • Using design software to design the space and layout for the event

  • Designing and creating photo shoot

This is just a glance at what we can do for you!



  • Docent (2011-present), Rienzi, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston(MFAH)

  • Purdue University Alumni Association (School of Engineering)

  • Greater Houston Certified Tourism Ambassador, CTA

  • Member, Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau (GHCVB)

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